Why I Hate Debating Leftists


I took the featured photo for this article while on my way to watch a movie with my friends in London. The group featured were using the Grenfell tragedy to promote their ideology and I decided to take some photos to write about at a later point. While around the protest I got into some discussions and debates with people there. Some were interesting and somewhat productive, others, on the other hand, were the most annoying debates of my life. It was like talking to a brick wall, an angry brick wall that either intentionally misrepresents your view point or just doesn’t care enough to be honest.

I must accept, however, that many Leftists are good and honest debaters with whom I simply disagree, and that’s that. I have many Labour supporting friends and colleagues who I can have normal discussions with and, when a political debate comes up, no matter how vehemently we may disagree we can still hug it out afterwards. These are good decent people, this article isn’t about them. It’s the far-left, the left wings equivalent of the alt-right commonly referred to as Social Justice Warriors or SJWs

Not only is it impossible to debate with the alt-left but they’re so dishonest, destructive and loud that they will actively try to destroy your life if you disagree with them.

When a conservative thinks the government shouldn’t be involved in health service, it’s not because they want poor people to die. When they believe universities should be free it’s not only because they’d like lower taxes. Fundamentally, conservatives hate one thing above all else, the government. Conservativism and Libertarianism are all about small government and that is where the fundamental differences lie. When I debate an honest leftist about Single Payer Healthcare, for example, they will try to convince me why the government should be involved in healthcare; when you debate an SJW, however, you’ll receive a torrent of abuse and they will claim you hate the poor, you want people to die and you just want tax breaks for the rich.

It is almost impossible to debate SJWs on anything. Many conservatives are labelled racist or sexist based only on their political view points. Not only does this not solve anything but it creates a horrible political climate driving people to the extremes.

To all the normal leftists out there: keep being genuine, be an honest debater who actually tries to understand the view point of the person on the other side.

To the SJWs who label any and all conservatives as racists/sexists/bigots you need to rethink what you stand for. You are the people who stand for intolerance, censorship and bigotry. You caused the rise of far-right extremism. By calling everyone racist/sexist/bigoted you belittle those terms for when they are actually valid.

To all Conservatives and Libertarians: the alt-right is already falling into the trap that the SJWs have fallen into, do not fall down the same trap. Remain honest and always be tolerant of opposing views, promote free speech everywhere and defend the basic principles of conservatism and libertarianism.