Why I Hate Debating Conservatives and Other Right-Wingers


Firstly I’d like to point out that this is the first article on The Millennial Report written by an actual, self-defined leftist, this will hopefully further the Millennial Reports’ aims of being a platform for all belief systems. This article is a response to Jack Greens’ ‘Why I Hate Debating Leftists’. An article which I found appalling due to its sweeping generalisations and stereotypes of us left-wingers.

The right-wing is increasingly drifting towards the extremes, with self-defined trolls like Milo Yiannopoulos and others. Having tried to debate the alt-right on twitter, I can confirm there is no point in doing this. As a black female, I receive regular ad-hominem attacks from these individuals based solely on my race and gender, ad-hominem attacks which Jack Green seemed to accuse only the left of doing.

I don’t see many ad-hominem attacks towards conservatives, calling a right-winger a racist to me is not an insult, in many cases, it’s a fact. Anyone who was willing to vote for Donald Trump does not give a shit about the minorities in their communities and, are, therefore, racist. Anyone who voted for Donald Trump doesn’t give a shit about the females he has abused and the females he talks so begrudgingly about and so anyone who voted for him couldn’t care less about this abuse. They are sexist.

Debating misogynists and racists is futile; there is no point. I have to protect my identity and label myself as anonymous to protect myself from the storm of abuse I may receive from the alt-right for writing this article alone. These ‘trolls’ who will attack me are racist, right-wing bigots. I hate debating right-wingers because they don’t see me as a human like them, they see me as a second class citizen.

But let’s move past the racism and the sexism. What about policy debates? I hate debating right-wingers on abortion because the pro-life ones are almost always males. These people refuse to accept my autonomy as human beings. Jack Green, a straight, white male who has lived a privileged life his entire life is pro-life. Why is it, that someone who doesn’t have to have a child can force me to have a child. Many conservatives struggle to get this point, and until they understand that it is my body, not theirs, there is no productive debate we can ever have.

What about free medicine. So many conservatives are privileged and can afford their own healthcare, most can not understand the idea that when a baby is born to a low-income family and has a medical condition, that child is fucked for the rest of its life. I disagree with conservatives on such fundamental issues we can not have a productive debate. I can not have a debate with someone who doesn’t care about the poor, someone who doesn’t care about women or minorities and someone who wants to control what I do with my body.

Jack Green made accusations that we misunderstand their arguments, I don’t, I know Jacks justifications for his arguments seem moral on the surface, but it’s the deeper meaning and affects of the policies that matter. You can sugarcoat the horrible policies, but it doesn’t make them any more moral. I disagree with Jack, the self-proclaimed libertarian, on nearly everything but I’m thankful for accepting my request to write a response to him.

Jack Green needs to take a more objective look at his policy positions and recognise how they kill minorities and women. I disagree so fundamentally with conservatives that it is impossible to have a debate with them without wanting to hurt him. This type of white, straight males are the problem that I will commit my life to fighting against.

I urge my fellow leftists to go to the bottom of this page and comment your anger at Jack Greens last article, it was disgusting and dangerous implications for the lives of minorities and women.