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Why I hate Debating Conservatives

Why I Hate Debating Conservatives and Other Right-Wingers   Firstly I’d like to point out that this is the first article on The Millennial Report written by an actual, self-defined leftist, this will hopefully further the Millennial Reports’ aims of being a platform for all belief systems. This article is a response to Jack Greens’ ‘Why I Hate Debating Leftists’. An article which I found appalling due to its sweeping generalisations and stereotypes of us left-wingers. The right-wing is increasingly drifting towards the extremes, with self-defined trolls like Milo Yiannopoulos and others. Having tried to debate the alt-right on twitter, I...

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Why Reverse Racism Doesn’t exist

There is no such thing as reverse racism; it’s just called racism either way.    While growing up In Johannesburg, South Africa, I met a lot of people from varying backgrounds. Many of these people I am still in touch with, or at least in someway connected to through sites like Facebook. Racial tensions in South Africa are reaching an all time high. When I applied to The Millennial Report I was asked by Jack Green to reach out to my friends living in South Africa and get some of them to contribute to the site. When I reached out...

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