The Current State of Libertarianism in the U.S

The Libertarian party in the U.S has a dismally small following, despite it having what I believe to be the best political, social and economic solutions. This is because a Democrat was chosen as their party’s nomination for the general election.

Libertarians have their groundings in the key concept of liberty. Libertarians like me believe that liberty is the most important thing when choosing the next president. Our liberties, and our right to do whatever we want so long as it hurts no one else supersedes all other policy and must be at the forefront of decision making.  This, however, does lead to some conflicts in internal policies of libertarians. Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson both ran for the Libertarian nominations; however, both have differing views on the carbon tax, vaccines, and abortions.

In the abortion argument, Petersen argues for the freedom of the unborn child to live whereas Johnson argues for the freedom of the mother to kill the child as it is her body. Johnson campaigns for a carbon tax and forcing people to have vaccines, although these ideas may be noble as Johnson seems to be bearing the torch of the so-called “progressive” agenda, these ideas are far from libertarian as they force individuals and companies to follow more laws which are far from necessary. Johnson miraculously won the nomination for the Libertarian party when he isn’t even a libertarian; this is almost as miraculous as a billionaire who sponsored Democrats winning the nomination of the Republican party.

Johnson is in fact not a libertarian, he is, at best, a classic liberal, this difference may be why he only managed to get just over 3% of the vote. This may be much higher than previous years but it is important to bear in mind the fact that he was up against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Many voters who were disgusted by the Democrat’s tactics of race-baiting and SJW pandering tried to turn to Trump but were similarly disgusted by the egotistical blundering idiot representing the Republican Party. These voters had three options left. They could vote for Stein, Johnson or refuse to vote altogether. Guess which one most of them chose (hint: it’s not voting for Johnson or Stein) Johnson couldn’t even steal votes from two of the most disliked politicians in American history.

I put this inability to gain votes, or this dis-likeability Johnson seems to have down to the simple fact that he’s an embodiment of exactly why people hate the Democrats now; he’s an easily “triggered” loon bag who panders to the general populous. Anyone who got turned away from the Democrats because of their race-baiting and pandering to the rest of my generation would sooner die than vote for exactly the same thing. Johnson is a failure for the libertarian party and needs to be replaced soon, he missed out on one of the only chances the Libertarian party will ever have to qualify for major party status, and by doing so, he’s ensured the two party system can run a little longer, providing a major disservice to the United States of America.