Author: Jack Green

Is The UN Biased Against Israel?

Is The United Nations Biased Against Israel?   The only correct answer to this question is abso-fucking-lutely. Now, Israel is definitely not innocent, but, there is no question that the United Nations treats the state of Israel unfairly compared to other nations. The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) condemned the state of Israel 20 times in 2014 but didn’t condemn Saudia Arabia, Syria, Russia, Sudan, Turkey, Venezuela or Iraq once. It condemned North Korea once for goodness sake. The UNHRC processed 11 reports and resolutions in 2015 regarding Israel but seemed to forget again about countries like Saudi Arabia or...

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Common Sense Gun Reform

Is “Common sense gun reform” really common sense?    Gun reform seems to be constantly discussed, whether it’s politicians, the media or just any random citizen, gun control is always a hot topic. The major problem with these discussions is that a lot of people have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to guns at all. Check out this video from Steven Crowder to see what I mean.   This ignorance is a major issue with any discussions about gun control as it prevents productive conversation. Let’s, however, assume that the average proposer of “Common sense...

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Obamacare or Trumpcare?

Which is better, Trumpcare or ObamaCare?   Neither, they are pretty much the same thing. At best, Trumpcare is simply diet Obamacare. Pretty much the same thing with a little trimming around the edges. Before I continue with my tirade I want to make a couple of things clear, my beliefs which are relevant to this discussion are as follows: I hate taxes, I believe the Government sucks at everything but I do want everybody to be covered by health insurance if they want to be.   Obamacare Obamacare sucks, Democrats and other snowflake little lefties can try to argue...

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